Coatings can save your company BILLIONS of dollars. Corrosion alone cost US companies almost $200 billion in 2009. Not only can coatings limit corrosion, but they can also increase the life of equipment, reduce down-time, and increase output. We can maximize the benefits of coatings to your company by helping you.
  • evaluate your specific coating needs,
  • identify materials to address your needs,
  • verify possible remedies,
  • implement the solution.

Why you need to know your specific needs

Your equipment may be subjected to all sorts of abuse - moisture, corrosion (including galvanic effects), wear, oxidation, UV damage, particle erosion, direct chemical attack, fouling, cavitation and more. You must understand how all of the environmental factors affect your equipment, before you can begin to find a remedy. We have been helping customers understand the dynamics of their operating environments for more than 30 years. We can also help you do this.

Why you need help to sort your options

You will face a staggering number of materials, coatings and surface treatments that can limit all sorts of environmental damage. Because we are not affiliated with any one supplier, we can help you evaluate your choices with less bias. We can also help you develop unique solutions if needed.

Why you need to verify a remedy

Using the wrong coating can cost you more than using none at all, so it is critical to test the effectiveness any prospective new material. With our years of laboratory and real-world experience, we can help you design simple methods to simulate damage experienced in service so that you can verify design changes.

Why you need help to implement the solution

You may choose the ideal coating or material, but, if it is poorly applied, you'll fail to reap any benefit from it and may have to spend to undo the work. Our years of experience with various coating technologies, allow us to help you assure that the right coating is applied to your parts to meet your specific need.