About Bruce McMordie

Bruce McMordie

  • Over 30 years designing and developing slurry overlays, diffusion and thermal spray coatings with Sermatech International Inc. and Praxair Surface Technologies, including:
    • Slurry ceramic composite coatings
      • MCAC metallic-ceramic aluminum coatings such as SermeTel™ W, and Alseal™ 518,
      • fouling resistant coatings such as SermaLon™,
      • organic slurry coatings such as SermaGard™ industrial coatings.
    • Slurry diffusion coatings
      • silicon-modified aluminides like SermaLoy™ J and Alseal™ 625,
      • hyper-stoichiometric aluminides such as SermaLoy™ W.
  • More than a dozen patents on coatings and coating equipment.
  • Technical articles published by ASM, ASME, and others.
  • Taught seminars on corrosion and coatings.
  • BS and MS degrees in Metallurgy & Materials Science from Carnegie-Mellon University